May 18, 2010

I for one am still recovering from a very busy and engaging AIC Annual Meeting in Milwaukee, so hopefully I will be able to string together some more in depth thoughts as the week goes on.  For now, I want to thank everyone who tweeted from the conference to share information on all the great talks that we couldn’t attend!  I think we have almost 150 tweets with the hashtag #AICWI.

A few of interest:

striegelm Wheeler dicussed theory of conservation, emphasized differeces between us & physical object. Focus on material, history, …#aicwi

#aicwi Smith shows ways that cons program changed to be flexible and relevant to NYPL in it’s own change. Be flexible & change with it.

Weinstraub says over time we moved from common sense guidelines to prescriptive specifications.

rosedaly Coffee in the exhibit hall=dangerous, I am caffinated and then want to buy some analytical equipment, will someone give me $300,000? #AICWI

diplomatics lib&archive group #aicwi -> is MLS nec? (depends) and what about training? (Mellon rep attanded to listen & museum cons progs with interest)

conservators eeewwwww let’s follow @vstpgh to get ready for AIC’s 2011 mtng, #aicpgh


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