Update: Kino Article

April 27, 2009

It seems that I spoke too soon regarding responses to Carol Kino’s article on conservators and climate.  In Sunday’s Art Section, the NY Times published a response from the AIC’s Executive Director, Eryl Wentworth.  Seeing how its only 150 words long, I hope that I won’t have to excerpt it:

I applaud Ms. Kino’s article for highlighting the complexities of preserving cultural heritage.

Worth greater emphasis is that conservators and conservation scientists are at the forefront of driving the research, development and application of new preservation strategies.

In particular the advancement of innovative storage and display environments for specific materials, like those discussed in the article, is an area of vigorous investigation within many of world’s collecting institutions.

Conservators are likewise engaged in diverse areas like disaster planning and response, the stabilization of damaged art and artifacts, and materials-based research in the support of art historical, archeological and ethnographic scholarship. Providing links to our past and future, material culture is integral to our being. Eryl P. Wentworth


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